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Our limited and transferable lifetime warranty.

Wise consumers have learned to look at product warranties before buying them. Of course, today’s society is becoming increasingly focused on disposable products. We simply replace them with new ones and rarely think that a product can last long and even less for life!

Our technology is proven and our products have been tested.

Armadura lends itself to rigorous quality tests and uses only technologies that have proven their worth for more than 50 years. Our products are tested by Underwriters Laboratories which is recognized as the standard in the construction industry. Further more Metalavie offers a 10 year warranty on labor.

This allows us to offer a comprehensive and solid guarantee to alleviate our customers' fears about the future.


Armadura also offers the possibility to transfer your guarantee to a potential buyer, or if you leave your home as an inheritance, to one of your loved ones. Whether you’re looking after your home in the medium or long term, you’re guaranteed to save!

See for yourself by downloading the Armadura Limited Warranty